Why You Should Stop Expecting Others To Be Who They’re Not

When we throw out expectations onto others, we set ourselves up for disappointment.

We experience more peace and contentment when we stop expecting others to be who they’re not.

Even if we believe they should “be a certain way,” it’s best to release the expectations altogether.

This is where relationships get into trouble. Whether parents and children, friends, or intimate partners, expectations bring about a variety of unwanted emotions — particularly unrealistic expectations.

When we’re frustrated in a relationship, it’s time to take a look at whether we’re living in a state of expectation of others.

Do Away With Expectation

“If you expect nothing from somebody you are never disappointed.” ― Sylvia Plath

Society lives and breathes expectations. There is an expectation on children to act in certain ways, employers to treat staff in a particular manner, relationships to cater to people’s needs, and parents to love their children unreservedly.

The problem is, no one can be who we want them to be. They are uniquely themselves and know who they are. They are good being themselves. They want to be confident and comfortable being who they are and if they want to change, they will change on their own terms — not ours.

It’s time to do away with expectations. This will allow us to experience less anxiety, less stress, frustration, anger, depression, and other negative emotions. We can expect things like respect from others, but if we base how we feel on whether we get what we expect, we set ourselves up for disappointment.

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