Tips & Tricks for Using Wide Angle Lenses In All Sorts of Photography

Quite a number of photographers like using wide angle lenses. There are some who use them for specific purposes and there are those who prefer to use them for almost all photography types – landscape, portrait, street, environment, event, and product photography, among others.

It’s not really a complicated process but it does require a bit of technical knowledge, some getting used to, and a clear understanding of wide angle lenses.

What is a wide angle lens?

Before deciding to use a wide angle lens, the first thing you need to do is understand what it is and what its uses are, as well as what makes it different from other lenses.

A wide angle lens, simply put, gives photographers a wider angle of view. If you use a film camera or prefer a full-frame one, a wide angle lens usually has a focal length width that is less than 40mm. The usual focal length of wide angle lenses are 35mm or less for full-frame cameras.

If you use an APS-C camera, a wide angle lens will usually be wider than 20mm.

Using a wide angle lens will help you achieve several photography goals. First off, your subjects will appear closer to the lens than they actually are. It allows you to create a good perspective – objects that are far from the camera will appear smaller. As such, although the focal length is shorter, the effect is more creative.

In addition, wide angle lenses also provide you better depth of field compared to other lenses, particularly the longer ones. As such, it will be easier for you to properly frame your subject/s and ensure a sharp focus.

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