These 10 Landscape Photography Tips Will Immediately Improve Your Images

It’s Not Just About the Main Subject

You need a strong, primary subject in your photos to have the maximum impact.

But it’s notĀ justĀ about that strong subject.

Instead, think about your landscape photos as being your opportunity to take viewers on a journey.

To do that, your photos need to have foreground interest.

Without foreground interest, some landscape photos can look empty and bland.

But by adding textures, shapes, leading lines, and other elements into the foreground, you can overcome that problem.

Take the image above as a perfect example of this – though the sunset is the primary subject, the inclusion of the rocks in the foreground is what really sets this photo off.

Notice all the variations of dark colors the rocks provide, as well as interesting textures to capture the eye. They even form leading lines to direct our eyes to the sunset!

In short, foreground interest can be used not only to tell a more complete story about the landscape, but it can also help connect the foreground to the background of the shot.

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