The 9 Secrets to Sharp Landscape Photographs

How Using Live View Can Give You More Precise Focus

Most modern digital cameras allow you to use “live view” whereby you can see the scene you are shooting on the camera’s LCD screen.

This gives us an opportunity for tac sharp focussing.

Simply focus your scene as you normally would. Then zoom in on the element you focus on. Readjust your focus using the zommed LCD image!

That’s it. It really allows for much more precise focussing.

photo: andrea candraja

Mirror Lockup

One of the sources of camera movement when you are trying to keep a steady camera is when the shutter release is releases, the mirror slaps and slightly vibrates the camera. This can lead to slightly less sharp images than you might desire.

The solution to this is relatively simple.

In your camera’s settings will be a “mirror lockup” option which stops this from happening. It is different for every camera, but it’s there so make sure you go through your camera’s menu or look it up online or in the manual. This is a very common thing to know on your camera for landscape photographers.

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