Don’t Ignore Them: 20 Signs He’s Actually Not Ready To Love Again

Sometimes the guy you’re dating is great, except for one tiny problem: you can’t help but feel that he doesn’t want to commit to you. He might be giving you lots of attention and he may seem to really like you, but are you sure you’re not ignoring some important red flags that show he’s not ready to be in a long-term relationship?

Sometimes the signs can be really subtle, which is why you have to keep your eyes and ears open for them. They can take the form of a guy who’s a little inconsistent, such as the habit of not sticking to a regular texting pattern, or a guy who always compliments you on how good you look without taking a deeper look inside your personality and brain – shallow guy alert!

While it can be tempting to stay with a guy in the hopes that he’ll change or come around to the idea of having a long-term and meaningful relationship, it may not be the best choice. If he’s showing you any of these 20 signs that he’s not ready for commitment, then it’s best you head for the door because you deserve a guy who steps up to the plate instead of one who leads you on with his mixed messages.

He Showers You With Too Much Affection

Although it’s great when a guy shows you he likes you by giving you attention, too much too soon is a red flag.

Known as “love bombing,” this is when guys try to be Mr. Perfect when they secretly have a hidden agenda.

It could be that they’re just hoping to get whatever they can from you without long-term relationships on their minds. So, if a guy’s showering you with gifts on your first date or telling you how much you mean to him when you haven’t even met in real life, it’s a bad sign. It’s best to tread carefully so you don’t get your heart broken by a commitment-phobe.

He Talks About His Ex A Lot

It’s good to talk about exes so that you know more about the types of relationships he’s been in and why they ended (such as if he cheated on his ex). But there’s a catch. If he’s always harping on about his ex, even throwing her name into conversations that have nothing to do with her, then you have to wonder why.

It’s a bad sign that he’s still holding onto the past instead of feeling excited about the future with someone new. He can’t be ready for a new relationship if his mind is always on someone else he used to love.

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