Capturing Light: How Great Landscape Photography is no Accident

Consider Your Kit

I love nothing better than photographing the awesome landscapes of rural Scotland, and Autumn and early Winter is my favourite time to shoot there because the colours can be so varied. Since I grew up in the city nearby to these locations I know the routes pretty well but it can be an actual hike from where I can park to my shoot location. The last thing you want is to get halfway up a hill or into a valley and feel you can’t carry on because your kit is too heavy.

Firstly, stick to suitable clothing and be prepared for all weather conditions – even though you have definitely checked the forecast you may still be caught out and you don’t want to ruin any expensive tech – umbrellas and waterproofs should be at the ready. Anyone who has spent any time in Scotland will be well aware of the four seasons in one-day phenomenon!

You will need a tripod. There are so many on the market and this can be a bit baffling but this is one area where I would say you certainly get what you pay for. It may seem like a good deal at first but believe me, you do not want to trust that flimsy £20 tripod with your camera in a strong wind at the top of a mountain!

I also recommend a shutter release cable so that your cold/shaky/numb fingers won’t knock the camera and ruin your image when you’ve been waiting for two hours in the cold for that perfect light to appear. This however is one case where you can go with a generic, cheap version. There really isn’t any need to pay the big bucks here. The last pieces of kit I recommend are a thermos flask of hot coffee and a pair of fingerless gloves!

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