Capturing Light: How Great Landscape Photography is no Accident

Landscape photography can be incredible. It can capture some of the most breath-taking vistas nature has to offer; but capturing those images is no easy task.

Unlike street photography, there is little room for point and shoot with landscapes and unlike portraiture there is no chance of spending time with your light meter and reflectors working out that perfect lighting set up. Yes, there are certainly several factors to consider before you set out to shoot that incredible view.

Plan Ahead

Nowadays there really is no excuse for bad planning. Thanks to the internet you have access to nearly all the information you could ever need. You can check out maps to plan the best route to access your chosen location – especially if you have picked a remote spot (the best points tend to be tricky to access).

You’ll be able to check the most up to date weather conditions to pick the best day for your shoot. Make sure to look up the times of sunrise and sunset so you can arrive in time to set up, you can even find sites and apps which will show you the direction and angle of the sun at any given date/time. Things certainly are a lot easier for us these days!

Even with all this planning you shouldn’t expect to show up and shoot – I always do a recce beforehand. You can work out your route, how far you will have to trog with your equipment etc. It’s a good idea to bear in mind that if you are attempting to capture sunrise you will be setting up in near darkness so having done your homework will make a big difference on the day!

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