8 Brief Tips That Will Drastically Improve Your Landscape Photography

ViewBug community member Stian Klo is a professional and award winning fine art landscape photographer from Harstad in Northern Norway, where he was born in 1980. He’s always been the creative type, and fascinated with nature and photography ever since he was a little boy. Exploring and travelling is therapy for him, which is why he’s often found camping up in the mountains by himself.

Growing up in Northern Norway has its advantages in terms of esthetic and dramatic landscapes and light, and this is what he tries to capture on his numerous adventures. His work has been published in highly esteemed magazines such as National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, N-Photo and more. He’s also licensed images to international ad and marketing campaigns for none other than Apple.

Stian Klo shares with us 8 short yet strong tips that will drastically improve your landscape photography:

1. Be a selective shooter. Quality over quantity is vital.

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