7 Smartphone Landscape Photography Tips & Tricks

  • Do not zoom when there is no need to

    If you’re taking that lighthouse in a vast green field shot, for example, you don’t really have to zoom in to the lighthouse. The scene will come out better if you show it from afar because it will highlight the beauty of the place.

    If you really need to take close up shots, go as close to the subject as you can (by walking towards it – use your feet) but do not use the zoom feature. Most of the time, your photos will end up pixelated or blurry – with terrible quality – when you do so because smartphone cameras don’t have a true zoom feature. It just enlarges the viewfinder.

  • Follow the rule of thirds

    Compose your scene and then focus around 1/3 of it into the frame. This will be easier to do if you have the grid turned on. You can focus on the 1/3rd of the scene or on the bottom part of the scene. This will help you achieve an excellent composition.

  • Other tips and tricks that you should follow

    • If your smartphone has a RAW shooting feature or app, use it; editing should be done after the shoot.
    • Use a tripod to make sure your smartphone is stable.
    • Try using some accessories like an add-on lens.
    • Adjust exposure manually if possible.
    • Do not hesitate to use camera apps that offer additional features.
    • Take multiple shots – either to merge the images together in post, or just to ensure that you did get the shot you wanted.
    • Have fun!
  • Anyone can take landscape photos using their smartphone, but it takes a lot of patience, practice, determination, and the willingness to improve and learn to take exceptional ones. The above-mentioned tips and tricks can help you do just that.

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