7 Sacred Promises People In Happy Relationships Always Make

3. “I promise to let you be true to yourself and let go of expectations.”

If you hold onto unrealistic expectations, you’re going to be disappointed. If you hoped they would pick the vacation you wanted or opted to spend the holidays where you had hoped, you’re setting yourself up for heartache. Relationships are not about meeting unspoken expectations. Learn to let go of your desire to change your partner and welcome the person they are.

4. “I promise to have your back and support you always.”

When your partner is going through challenges, they need you more than any other time. When they are dealing with a setback or being criticized by their families or at work, you’re especially needed. Make a promise to support your partner when life gets challenging. Promise to be on your partner’s side when no one else is. Promise to be there for them emotionally and spiritually when they are facing their biggest battles. Be your partner’s supporter and encourager.

5. “I promise to accept you unconditionally and forgive quickly.”

At what point do we start thinking to ourselves that a particular quality is a deal-breaker? Stop looking for what doesn’t work. Can we make a promise to accept the other person, flaws and all? While we’re it, can we let go of grudges and hurt feelings quickly so we can move forward together?

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