7 Sacred Promises People In Happy Relationships Always Make

Relationships take time, energy, and commitment. Finding the right person is hard enough. Staying with that person is even harder. We tend to have these romantic ideals about how relationships should work, assuming we don’t need to put in any work to make that happen.

More than date nights or shared interests, relationships take constant effort and investment. It makes a huge difference to live in alignment with a set of commitments, or sacred promises.

If you’re interested in building and cultivating a relationship that will stand the test of time, consider making these seven promises to your partner:

1. “I promise to be open with you and share my feelings.”

Even though we all want deeper intimacy and connection, we take contradictory actions. We don’t talk to our partners about how we feel, what’s bothering us, or what we want from them. For a lasting relationship, engage with the uncomfortable parts of being vulnerable and honest with your partner. Be willing to share those things that are bothering you. Be willing to work through roadblocks—your partner isn’t a mind reader.

2. “I promise to listen and be there for you without judgment.”

Not every comment or story that’s shared requires a response, solution, or action. You can simply listen attentively and be present. You can promise to hear without making judgments and comparisons or turning what your partner is saying into something about you. Disengage with the thoughts that your partner’s concerns raise and simply listen as a friend. Listen deeply and compassionately.

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