7 Landscape Photography Tips You Have Likely Never Used

1. Use a large f-number when you can

As odd as it may seem as we have been spoon fed on the concepts of using small aperture for shooting landscape photos. A larger aperture has its own advantages though. Let’s say you are photographing a scene in low light. If you use a small aperture you will have to compensate that by increasing the ISO and or the shutter speed to get a good exposure. Both will result in noise. Plus, when you stop down the lens too much lens diffraction sets in. To avoid all these problems use a faster aperture, something like f/5.6. But wouldn’t it make some of the elements in the image out of focus? Not if your lens is wide enough and the focus is set to infinity. At that distance f/5.6 will bring everything in focus.

Landscape photography tips you have likely never used

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