6 Simple High Altitude Travel Tips

rested Butte sits at an altitude of 8,885 feet and the Mt. Crested Butte base area is at 9,375 feet. Take a look around and you’ll notice at least a few surrounding mountains that are higher. Most people won’t suffer from altitude sickness when they visit, but take note of some of the symptoms: fatigue, lack of appetite, and headaches. Follow these tips to ensure you feel your best:

Hydrate like it’s your job

The best way to acclimatize to the high altitude is to start drinking plenty of water before and during your trip. The air is drier in Crested Butte versus sea level, so you’ll be losing moisture with every breath. Acli-Mate Natural Sports Drink (think Emergen-C for altitude) or coconut water can also assist by providing electrolytes for hydration. Bonus tip: They’re great for fighting hangovers at any elevation.

Easy on the booze

This might be the toughest tip for some of you, especially with so many delicious and original drinks Crested Butte has to offer.  Although the spirits may seem stronger, the truth is they just pack more punch than if you had them at sea level. Try to limit yourself to a drink or two less than usual for the first few days of the trip.

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