5 Key Reasons to Use a Telezoom in Landscape Photography

Ever since I began photographing I have been drawn towards the use of wide angle lenses. In fact, it wasn’t until several years after picking up my first camera that I purchased a telezoom: a 70-200mm. At the same time, I slowly started to make big changes to my photographic vision; it turned out that adding this lens in my backpack would make me look differently on the landscape in front of me.

Telezoom in Landscape Photography

Perhaps you’re in a similar situation as I was and you’re currently holding on to your wide-angle lens as if your life was depending on it. Hopefully, these 5 reasons why a telezoom will improve your landscape photography might intrigue you to invest in one yourself.

1. Learn to See Beyond the Grand Landscape

It’s easy to forget that the grand landscape is filled with small details. Still, it’s the combination of all these details that build the landscape.

Capturing the grand landscapes with the use of a wide-angle lens gives the viewer a feeling of being present in the landscape but zooming in on the smaller details introduces us to a whole new world and gives us an entirely new perspective of our surroundings.

Telezoom in Landscape Photography

Let’s do a quick experiment. It will only take five seconds but it might change your perspective forever:

Look around and find something to rest your eyes on. This could be anything. Place your fist in the shape of a binocular in front of your right eye and continue looking at the same subject.

Do you still see the same as you did two seconds ago? I doubt it. This is the same in landscapes too. Yes, the grand landscape is beautiful but there are many other elements that look just as majestic by themselves.

Sarah Marino’s Beyond the Grand Landscapes: A Guide to Photographing Nature’s Smaller Scenes is one of my absolute favorite eBooks and goes in-depth on this subject. It has thought me to be more aware of my surroundings and pay more attention to the smaller scenes.

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