18 Things Men Will Subconsciously Do When They’re Super Unhappy In The Relationship They’re In

Most of us women are intuitive enough to notice when our man starts to display signs of unhappiness in our relationship, but sometimes these signs can be so subtle that we miss them. He isn’t even aware of them himself until the last minute before the relationship implodes. He will have little ticks and tricks that he has picked up over the course of his life that will come out when he is unhappy. These can range from amusing to concerning but all fall into the unconscious behavior category, making them extra hard to pinpoint and bring to our man’s attention.

We have our own unconscious behavior that we aren’t aware of, as well. He probably just takes this for granted until we do something that trips up his subconscious warning system. That same situation applies in reverse but doesn’t make it any easier to narrow down his unhappy signs and why he is unhappy in the first place. To help with that, we have this nice handy list available online to make Googling his symptoms easier. The wine needed for this type of research is sold separately, however. Hopefully, this list can clear up some relationship confusion before things head too far south to be saved.

Love And War — Two Sides Of The Same Coin

We all love a good battle scene in the majority of movies we see, but most of us would prefer to leave the adrenaline rush of a fight or argument in the lovely world of fiction rather than bringing it home with us. Therefore when our man is unusually argumentative and combative, it can make life pretty unhappy and frustrating. He might be aware of this and is doing it on purpose but most likely he is unconsciously picking fights because he is unhappy and has no other way to express these feelings other than to make us feel what he feels.

To a certain degree, he might even be picking fights in the subconscious hope that we will do the breaking up for him so he doesn’t have to deal with it.

Some guys are very sneaky like that. According to Bustle, “People who are argumentative most likely are either very unhappy themselves and can’t find other healthy ways to communicate this unhappiness, or have learned this behavior from their parents. […] It’s best to call out the behavior and have an honest discussion about it.”

I Can’t Do That — I’m Watching This

When men are unhappy and haven’t realized it yet, one of their subtle signs is to waste time online just scrolling through their Facebook news feed or website hopping. They may even turn the TV on, plop down on the couch and mindlessly watch whatever is on at that moment for hours. This can range from movies to sporting events, complete with all the accompanying commercials. If asked, they’ll say it’s interesting or entertaining or that they have to watch it. They will also use it as an excuse to not get up and go do stuff outside or with us.

They’re on the computer so much because they are doing research for work or a new project. They’re watching the big game so they have something to talk about with the guys at work. According to Alliance, “Some might call this heresy, but I think watching sports on TV is largely a waste of time. TV viewing, including sports, is a passive activity. When we’re looking at a TV, we’re taking what the world gives us and forgoing any opportunity to shape our lives and experiences. In other words, we’re being consumers, rather than creators.”

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