15 Irrational Fears All Guys Have In Relationships (According To Reddit)

Relationships are scary. At least that’s what guys thnk until they find the one who ticks all their subconscious high-value woman boxes. Then they can’t run fast enough to get her to choose him over all the other boys vying for her attention.

Wondering what changes in their mind overnight when they find the right woman? Well, in this special woman’s presence all their fears about being in a long-term committed relationship suddenly seem hopelessly foolish and irrational. And if there’s one thing about most men, it’s that they pride themselves on being creatures of logic.

So what are these irrational fears that make perfectly good men drag their feet when it comes to taking a relationship to the next level?

To answer that question, we dug deep into the archives of AskMen on Reddit with hopes of striking gold. And strike gold we did (after sifting through copper, slime, and mold).

So here are 15 irrational fears all guys have in relationships narrated by real men on Reddit.

And while some of these fears are real mind-benders and others positively hilarious, all of the following are satisfying in their own right. So let’s dive in.

She Will Use His Vulnerability Against Him

Men or women, we all have feared this aspect of being in a relationship before we got into our first one. After all, we all know at least one person who was part of a lovey-dovey couple and then broke up with their SO in a storm of rage one day and then spilled all their secrets in public, turning them into a veritable laughing stock.

And that’s not even considering how vengeful some people are even when they haven’t broken up yet!

No wonder Reddit user, KazanTheMan, posted this on the thread that was asking Redditors to share what their biggest fear in a romantic relationship was: “Having my vulnerability and trust used against me. It’s taken a lot for me to learn to be more open, and I really, truly dread that being used against me.”

We feel for you, @KazanTheMan. We truly do. After all, you can’t be in a (legitimate) relationship until you are willing to trust your partner and open up to her fully. And while most people turn out to be deserving of your trust, some can really use that vulnerability against you, either during the relationship to manipulate you or after the relationship just because they can.

Nevertheless, that’s not a good enough reason to distrust the 90% good women in this world!

She Will Change After Marriage

“One of my greatest fears is finding someone I click with, falling in love with them. Marrying them. Children. And then she gets fat. I honestly fear this. I work hard to take care of my body, and while I don’t expect the same insane level of dedication in a partner I do expect her to take care of herself. I just don’t want to wake up one day beside the woman I love and not find her physically attractive anymore.”

Shared by a Reddit user who later deleted his account, this story is hilarious and somber at the same time.

Hilarious because…well, we don’t need to spell it out. But being in a relationship with someone who has let themselves balloon out of complacency can be a nightmare, especially when they are otherwise a perfectly good partner.

It’s because you know you are no longer attracted to them, but breaking up for this reason will immediately make you seem like a superficial villainous individual. And none of us what to face that! So can you really blame men to have this fear?

In fact, the more gorgeous the woman is, the bigger this fear tends to be because men don’t want to go from dating a number 10 to being married to a number 3.

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