10 Tips For Better Night Landscape Photography

  • Scout the Location During the Day

    Prior to heading out for your night session take time during the day to scout your location. Simply finding where to park and how to walk to your preferred spot during daylight hours can make things easier when you’re there in the dark.

    Finding subjects and anticipating your shots during the day will also greatly help you to work more efficiently and to get better results at night.

  • Use Manual Focus

    One of the challenges of photographing at night relates to focus. Depending on what you are shooting and how dark it is, auto focus may be totally useless to you. It’s usually best to rely on manual focus in order to get the best results. If you typically only work with auto focus during the day you’ll likely want to brush up on your manual focus skills before heading out at night.

    If you’re shooting landscapes at night or the night sky you will typically want to focus at infinity, or just before infinity. For more info see this guide to manual focus.

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