10 Horror Films That Eerily Came True

8. Saw

There are a total of 7 films making up the Saw franchise with another in production, each revolving around a sadistic killer called Jigsaw, who sets his victims torturous challenges, which require them to mutilate themselves in order to escape death.

In 2009, two teenagers, aged 14 and 15 were charged as juveniles with three counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated kidnapping after one of the boy’s mothers overheard them planning to kidnap, torture and murder several people.

The two boys had detailed plans to set up Saw-style games to teach lessons to people they claimed were harming others, including a police officer and two young girls. The boys had even procured cameras in order to document the murders just as Jigsaw does in the Saw movies.

7. Child’s Play

The cult horror movie series Child’s Play consists of 6 films featuring the iconic character Chucky, a toy doll inhabited by the spirit of a vicious serial killer. Despite the film being one of the least likely to come true, (let’s face it, no dolls are coming to life any time soon) it is actually responsible for inspiring a series of copycat killings.

The most notorious case was that of Martin Bryant, Australia’s most prolific mass murderer. In 1996, Bryant went on a killing spree in Port Arthur, shooting 35 people and injuring 23 others.

Bryant, who had an IQ of just 66, was obsessed with Child’s Play 2 and the film’s influence was submitted by his psychiatrist as being a contributing factor in his crimes. He was reportedly obsessed with the childlike characteristics of the doll and its ability to wreak vengeful destruction.

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